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We've moved our newsroom to the new UFHealth.org website. Our wonderful podcasts, however, have decided to stay behind. Please continue to enjoy them.

Health in a Heartbeat

Audio Slow, steady jogging could help prolong life
May 28, 2015


Joggers, slow down and cut back on the mileage. You just might live longer. That’s the finding of a study published recently in The Journal of the American College of Cardiology. But how much jogging is too much? That’s the question that researchers from the University of Copenhagen set out to answer. They wanted to […]

Animal Airwaves

Audio Containing a flood of worry
May 1, 2015


Podcast: Play in new window | Download Natural disasters can be terrifying when you’re responsible for your horse’s safety as well as your own. With flooding, preparedness and planning can mean the difference between life and death. Practice loading your horse and driving the trailer before disaster strikes. Fill a waterproof kit in advance with […]