Astrological signs could predict some health problems

By • Published: April 4th, 2007
Category: Health in a Heartbeat

Geminis are prone to respiratory problems. Capricorns tend to have sensitive knees. Health facts like these about the different signs of the Zodiac are listed in most astrology books. But is any of it actually true?

The jury is still out on how sensitive a Capricorn’s knees actually are, but Canadian researchers have found that there may actually be a link between a few signs and certain health problems.

They studied ten million adults in Ontario, dividing them into groups based on their sun signs. The findings showed that Leos, whose birthdays fall between July twenty-first and August twentieth, were at greater risk for suffering from gastrointestinal hemorrhages. And the Sagittarians in the group, whose birthdays are between November twenty-third and December twenty-first, were more apt to break their funny bones. Their risk for that injury was greater than every other sign combined.

But don’t go buying a protective brace for your arm just yet, Sagittarius. Even the researchers doubt their own findings. They say the study results are still so random that they’re not actually significant.

Although studies examining the Zodiac’s effects on health are few, there is some evidence that being born during certain times of the year can affect your health. Research has shown that babies born in the summer tend to be more upbeat than winter or fall babies.

Either way, whether you’re an Aquarius or Aries, it may be best to stick to getting health information from your doctor… not an astrology book.