By Ann Griswold • Published: February 25th, 2008
Category: Health in a Heartbeat

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, a kiwi a day is golden. The bright green fruit is among a slew of superfoods that experts say provide more bang for your buck when it comes to preventing health problems ranging from blindness to blood clots to cancer.

Experts coined the term “superfood” to describe fruits, veggies and grains with an unusually high density of nutrients. The kiwi became the poster child for the superfood campaign when experts compared apples and oranges and twenty-five other fruits, and discovered that the kiwi has a superior density of antioxidants and vitamin E. These explain the kiwi’s ability to improve cholesterol levels, prevent blood clots and promote healthy eyesight.

Other brightly colored superfoods are easy to integrate into holiday dinners. Antioxidant-rich cranberry sauce has been shown to slim your chances of stroke, cancer and certain infections. And broccoli sprouts are rich in anti-cancer nutrients.

Superfoods aren’t always fruits and vegetables… barley is found in cereals, grits and flour. The grain’s secret power lies in its high fiber content that lowers cholesterol levels and improves heart health. Kefir [KEE-FUR], a milky drink, is also touted as a superfood because it promotes bone and bowel health with its high content of calcium and beneficial bacteria.

The U-S Department of Agriculture recommends that Americans consume at least five servings of fruits and vegetables each day. They don’t all have to be superfoods… but it helps!