Smart-looking specs

By • Published: August 8th, 2008
Category: Health in a Heartbeat

Kids who wear glasses look smarter in classes.

At least that’s what many of their fellow students think.

Most children surveyed recently about their bespectacled brethren thought that kids with glasses not only “looked” smarter, they appeared to be more honest.

Researchers at Ohio State University quizzed eighty children between the ages of six and ten… a period when many children receive their first pair of glasses.

Using sets of pictures that showed one child with glasses and another without, the researchers asked which was better looking, smarter, better at sports, most shy and most honest.

The children in the pictures were of mixed genders and ethnic backgrounds.

Glasses didn’t seem to have a bearing on attractiveness or athletic ability.

However, two out of three children participating said they thought kids who wore glasses looked smarter than kids not wearing glasses.

A full fifty-seven percent of the children thought kids with glasses appeared to be more honest.

Researchers say the findings are useful for parents looking for ways to comfort sensitive children about how they are going to look in their first pair of eyeglasses.

It shows that kids don’t automatically consider children with glasses to be unattractive.

And it may help to point out that an actual, scientific study has shown that glasses make children appear to be smarter.

Whether that actually translates to a better grade in math is undetermined, but a parent can always hope.