Physicians use iTunes as an organization tool

By HSC Staff Writer • Published: November 12th, 2008
Category: Health in a Heartbeat

Ever wonder what’s on your physician’s iTunes playlist? There’s a chance Bon Jovi and Beatles hits might share a spot next to medical research files and journal articles.

According to a study in the American Journal of Roentgenology, radiologists found the music program more effective at managing portable document format files, or P-D-Fs, of electronic publications, articles and images than saving the files in folders. This feature is especially useful for health-care professionals who find it difficult to classify articles by subject because they contain multiple medical topics.

Researchers say iTunes manages P-D-F files as easily as music files, allowing radiologists in the study to organize articles and images, search and sort files, and create shortcuts for multiple topics and categories.

Here are some tips for storing P-D-Fs on iTunes:

• Add files to your i-Tunes library so the program can rapidly search the index files instead of browsing the entire hard disk.

• Group files to different categories and add multiple keywords.

• Entering keywords in the program’s search bar will help it filter through documents rapidly.

• Create a smart playlist that can add articles automatically.

Health professionals should also remember that iTunes allows people to share files with others in their computer network.

That’s great for discovering new music, but it’s a no-no as far as sensitive patient information or business documents are concerned.

Besides that, even the most exciting X-ray in the world is probably not going to impress anyone sitting in the next cubicle.