Is cellulite here to stay?

By Ann Griswold • Published: August 13th, 2009
Category: Health in a Heartbeat

Exercise and a good diet can go a long way toward sculpting the perfect body, but one thing never seems to go away… and that’s cellulite. Where does it come from, and can it ever be banished?

There are many questions, but one thing is for certain… cellulite targets women more than men. Ninety percent of women complain about cottage cheese textures on their arms, thighs, knees, stomach and backside. But only ten percent of men develop cellulite.

Scientists say the problem can be traced to the female hormone estrogen. As women age, estrogen decreases and the blood supply to certain areas of the body is restricted. That causes fat to bubble out of the connective tissue and form what we call cellulite. Take a look… cellulite nearly always appears underneath panty lines because blood flow is also restricted by tight-fitting undergarments. The best way to banish cellulite is to exercise, eat a healthy diet and wear a thong.

Can cellulite ever be banished? Many experts say no, but some disagree. Beware of products that promise to reduce cellulite but target body fat without addressing the underlying circulation problems. Liposuction and fat injections are even less effective. But techniques like laser surgery can be used once a month for several years to vacuum away the uneven fat deposits.

The bottom line? When it comes to banishing cellulite, it’s easier to avoid chewing the fat now, rather than try to remove it later.