Link between teen pregnancies, TV

By HSC Staff Writer • Published: January 29th, 2009
Category: Health in a Heartbeat

Parents may want to pay attention to what their teenagers are watching on television. A recent study has shown that there is a link between sexy T-V and teen pregnancy.

Nearly one million young women between the ages of fifteen and nineteen become pregnant each year in the United States. This number is likely influenced by sexual content on popular T-V shows such as “Sex and the City,” “That 70s Show” and “Friends.”

Scientists studied fifteen-hundred teen interviews that were conducted over three years, and discovered that teens who watched the most sexual content on T-V were twice as likely to become pregnant or father a child as those who watched the least.

Teens spend an average of three hours a day watching television, so it’s no surprise what they watch has an influence on their lives. However, T-V is by no means the sole factor behind teen pregnancies.

Self-esteem, family values and income play a role as well.

Since the television industry is not likely to cut back on the amount of sexual content in their T-V shows, it is up to parents to talk to their teens about the consequences of sex.

Parents can also take the time to become familiar with the T-V shows their children watch, and even watch them together. That way, parents can take the opportunity to have a discussion about how even “reality” T-V sex doesn’t always have the same consequences as sex in real life.