Thin… and unhealthy?

By Sheryl Kay • Published: December 31st, 2009
Category: Health in a Heartbeat

Being that perfect weight may be chic [sheek] and hip, but it’s no guarantee of perfect health.

A recent study conducted at the University of Michigan indicated that while obese people do suffer from a variety of ailments, those who are of recommended weight may also suffer from similar maladies, especially if they aren’t physically fit.

Published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, the study evaluated data that compared cardiovascular risk factors and weight for fifty-four-hundred adults ages twenty and over. Lifestyle habits were also taken into account, including smoking and exercise.

When considering all weight categories, the researchers found the potential for heart problems was typically higher for smokers and for older or inactive individuals. They also noted that nearly half of the obese participants had one or more abnormal readings in cholesterol, blood pressure or blood sugar levels.

But the researchers also found that almost twenty-five percent of those considered to be of average weight also suffered from at least two abnormal readings in those same levels. And those individuals were also more likely to have larger waists or potbellies than the other healthy weight participants… confirming earlier studies that even if it can’t be seen from the outside, internal fat deposits surrounding abdominal organs can pose greater health risks.

The findings, say the experts, shouldn’t be taken as an endorsement of obesity, but rather as a reconfirmation of the importance of a good exercise regimen and a healthy lifestyle… even for those of average weight.