Detoxing after the holiday smorgasbord

By • Published: December 30th, 2010
Category: Health in a Heartbeat

Are you leaning back in your favorite chair… pants unbuttoned… releasing an inch of pressure between the waistline and your new post-holiday belly? You’re probably thinking about the details of your New Year’s resolution to lose weight and eat right. But how can you think clearly if all that holiday food is backing you up, making you feel like a stuffed turkey?

These days it’s not as simple as just counting calories. Many people are jump-starting their efforts to lose weight by trying detoxification or cleansing teas.

While not all detox teas are created equal, some say they might provide that added boost at a cost much lower than that new gym membership or meal plan. But experts say, these teas… also called dietary supplements… may have few positive health effects.

Many traditional and alternative medicine experts agree cleansing and detox teas work as laxatives and may boost your weight loss program. But they disagree on the benefits of using these concoctions to rid the body of bacteria. Still, since research from the National Institutes of Health’s National Center for Alternative and Complimentary Medicine shows that most Americans’ diets lead to constipation, a cup of this tea might be just what you need to start a new weight loss plan with a clean slate.

So, whatever form of cleansing you choose, before you put the kettle on check first with your doctor. Describe what the tea contains, as some herbs might interact with medications you are taking. Also, read the instructions carefully… if the box says only drink one glass per day, do not exceed the recommendation. Remember, too, that the word “natural” doesn’t necessarily mean the product is safe