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By Susan Aielo • Published: February 21st, 2011
Category: Animal Airwaves

Goats are said to eat anything from money to tin cans, but their indiscriminate munching habits can sometimes lead to serious problems. Azaleas, also known as rhododendrons, are particularly tasty to goats, but potentially deadly as well. These native American shrubs are common in the southeast.

All parts of this plant contain a toxin that can cause problems with the heart or nervous system, or even death in curious animal snackers. Only a few ounces of fresh foliage can be toxic to an average-sized goat.

Signs include drooling, bloat, vomiting and muscle tremors. The toxin also can cause cardiovascular problems. Whether your animals are goats, cats, dogs or horses, the best way to protect them from azalea intoxication is to keep them away from rhododendron plants. If your goat has eaten azaleas, don’t kid around. Call your veterinarian immediately.