Heat stroke’s no joke

By Susan Aiello • Published: April 4th, 2011
Category: Animal Airwaves

Our canine friends are very good at conserving heat, which is why Huskies can survive frigid arctic nights. But this benefit becomes a liability during hot spells.

Dogs can’t sweat like people do, so temperatures that are only uncomfortable to us can be deadly to them.

As we get ready for summer, let’s remember some do’s and don’ts that might save your pet’s life. Never leave any animal in a parked vehicle in warm weather. Inside temperatures can skyrocket to dangerous levels in minutes, even with the windows cracked open. Make sure outdoor pets always have access to shade and plenty of fresh water.

Exercise can also put a dog at risk on warm days. If your dog collapses from the heat, cool it immediately with water, ice packs or cold cloths. Then rush your pet to the veterinarian or local animal emergency hospital.

Stay cool, and stay safe.