Bowwow Blue Cross

By Susan Aiello • Published: April 4th, 2011
Category: Animal Airwaves

Most of us don’t like to gamble. We have insurance for our house, car, life and health — but what about your pet’s health?

Veterinary care is more sophisticated now than ever, but this advancement comes with a price. Less than 3 percent of pet owners in the U.S. have pet health insurance, so most pay out-of-pocket for their animal’s health care, which can run into thousands of dollars a year if there has been a serious accident or illness.

Like health insurance plans for people, pet policies have annual premiums, deductibles and different levels of coverage based on cost, age, preexisting conditions and even lifestyle. For example, coverage for an outdoor cat may cost more than for an indoor one.

Deductibles average about $100 a year. Other cost-saving measures include discount programs or wellness packages that offer preferred pricing on veterinary care and pet supplies.