What dangers lurk inside your Trojan horse?

By Susan Aiello • Published: April 4th, 2011
Category: Animal Airwaves

Horses represent the epitome of strength and power. Yet, like the Trojan horse, danger may lurk inside.

A digestive problem known as colic is a serious and all-too-common condition that results in more emergency calls and upset horse owners than any other equine ailment. An estimated ten percent of horses get colic each year, which leads to more equine deaths than any other emergency situation.

Horses can’t tell you how painful colic is, but they can show you. Signs of abdominal pain include pawing the ground, kicking at the abdomen, sweating, rolling and straining.

The best ways to prevent colic in your horse are to minimize stress and keep parasites under control. Also, make sure to feed a high-quality diet and keep plenty of clean water available. If you suspect your horse has colic, it may be time to give your veterinarian a call.