Coffee, tea or meow

By Susan Aiello • Published: May 3rd, 2011
Category: Animal Airwaves

Taking your pet with you when you travel can be fun when you get there, but a plane trip complicates an already hectic time.

Well before the trip, you’ll need to ask about specific requirements of the airline or foreign destination. Your pet may need to see your vet for a health certificate and booster vaccinations, too.

Cats and small dogs can often ride in the cabin with you in an approved carrier that fits under the seat. Larger dogs must travel in the baggage hold within a sturdy carrier that’s the right size for comfort and protection.

To minimize stress for your pet, avoid travel during harsh weather conditions. Direct flights are a good idea to prevent Rover from missing a connection or ending up as lost baggage.

So prepare ahead of time and then sit back, relax and make sure that all pets are safely stowed before departure.