Can “Dog Breath” Lead to Early Death?

By Susan Aiello • Published: June 1st, 2011
Category: Animal Airwaves

Does your dog’s breath cause you to back up a few steps? Well, imagine if you never brushed, flossed or visited the dentist.

That’s why more than 80 percent of pets have some degree of dental disease. Dental problems, including gum disease, lead to mouth pain, tooth loss and even life-threatening conditions such as heart and kidney failure.

So, here are a few simple tips to keep those pet whites pearly. Feeding dry food and specially designed dental treats helps to limit tartar build-up and stimulate gums. Brushing your pet’s teeth a few times a week is very helpful, but be sure to always use a toothpaste intended for pets.

Finally, visit your veterinarian regularly for dental checkups and cleanings. Maintaining good dental hygiene is the best way to keep canine choppers strong and healthy, and a good way to keep you from plugging your nose.