Vet visits are more than puppy shots

By Susan Aiello • Published: June 1st, 2011
Category: Animal Airwaves

Statistics show that people visit the doctor most often as senior citizens. Using the same philosophy for our four-footed friends can also help them lead longer and healthier lives.

Numerous benefits are linked to routine health care for aging animals. Frequent visits will allow your veterinarian to monitor changes in your pet’s weight, vision, balance and other factors that impact quality of life. Regular visits can also uncover age-related illnesses such as heart or kidney disease early on, when they are most treatable.

Even simple measures such as ear cleaning and nail trims can prevent serious infections that are more stressful for older animals.

Remember that veterinary visits don’t stop at the puppy shots. If you have an aging pet, be sure to mark your calendar for routine checkups at least once or twice a year.