Man’s Best Friend Through Eternity

By Susan Aiello • Published: June 1st, 2011
Category: Animal Airwaves

Many people feel that nobody understands or loves them as much as their pets. And more and more people are choosing to be buried with the animal members of their family.

Pets are generally not permitted in human cemeteries, so some folks are requesting burial in pet cemeteries. Of the more than half-a-million pet cemeteries in the United States, about a quarter of them accept deceased people, too.

Most require that new human residents be cremated, both to save space and to comply with regulations about the handling of human remains. Human ashes can be buried next to those of a beloved pet, or placed within the same urn shared by pet remains.

Some people are even choosing to have their ashes divided, so that a portion can be buried with each furry or feathered friend that has passed before. Man’s best friends … through the ages.