Fitness for Fido

By Susan Aiello • Published: July 1st, 2011
Category: Animal Airwaves

Today’s obesity epidemic includes both people and their pets, with nearly half of U-S pets being overweight. To trim those furry love handles, vets and owners are taking action.

Many animal hospitals offer fitness programs that include exercise plans, weekly weigh-ins and special foods that meet your pet’s nutritional needs without the extra calories.

But keeping fit doesn’t have to be fancy. Some simple tips include getting a veterinary checkup and a recommendation on your pet’s daily calorie needs.

Limit treats and avoid high-cal table scraps. Commercial weight-control diets can make it easier for Fido to stick with the plan without feeling hungry.

Finally, make sure your pet gets at least thirty to forty minutes of exercise per day. Obesity can lead to several illnesses, so a fit pet means a healthier, happier one. Sometimes less is more.