Arthritis is a pain!

By Susan Aiello • Published: September 1st, 2011
Category: Animal Airwaves

In Latin, the word arthritis means “joint inflammation.” For sufferers, arthritis means stiffness, pain and less ability to do what you like.

Pets frequently get arthritis too, especially large or heavy dogs. Most often, joints develop arthritis from years of wear and tear, with problems like obesity and hip dysplasia making things worse. But some cases are caused by infections, such as Lyme disease, or by an overactive immune system that attacks the joints.

Your vet can determine which is which, and treat or prescribe medications to ease pain and increase your dog’s activity level.

Weight loss and moderate exercise are key to any treatment program. Shedding pounds and activity keep muscles strong and improve your pet’s ability to get around.

So don’t take arthritis lying down. See your veterinarian about the right treatment plan for your pet’s old bones.