Sudden blindness isn’t always sudden

By Susan Aiello • Published: August 1st, 2011
Category: Animal Airwaves

Many people think that their pet has suddenly gone blind, when in fact the only thing that’s sudden is that someone’s rearranged the furniture.

Often, dogs and cats lose their vision gradually. The good news is that they typically adapt very well by memorizing their surroundings and using their ears and nose to take up the slack.

The bad news is that pets can go blind suddenly from unavoidable nerve or retinal problems. Conditions such as glaucoma, diabetes and chronic dry eye can lead to the gradual loss of vision, but this can be prevented with early detection and treatment. Daily oral medication or eye drops may be all it takes to keep those peepers healthy.

So be sure to take your dog or cat for regular checkups and ask your vet to perform a thorough eye exam at least every year. Then go ahead and redecorate with a clear conscience.