Cross-species can cross-pollinate

By Susan Aiello • Published: August 1st, 2011
Category: Animal Airwaves

Animals and people share many of the same germs and many of the same diseases. Whether it’s lead poisoning in condors and children, tuberculosis in elephants and their keepers, leukemia in lions and their tamers, or obsessive-compulsive disorders in our dogs or even ourselves, animal ailments are sometimes similar to conditions their human masters face.

The similarities are so pronounced that scientists have coined the term “zoobiquity” to reflect a cross-species approach to medicine and health. This has led to a book and even a national zoobiquity conference.

The goal is for physicians, veterinarians, and other health professionals to share ideas and information. Such cross-species cross-pollination could lead to new ways of looking at illness and health, and could give each of us a new perspective on the human animal’s place in the natural order.