Is Low Thyroid Making Fido Fat and Bald?

By Susan Aiello • Published: October 1st, 2011
Category: Animal Airwaves

Is your old dog losing its fur? Has his get up and go, got up and went? Before you chalk this up to an inevitability of old age, you might visit your veterinarian for a thyroid check.

Middle-aged to older dogs often suffer from hypothyroidism. This means the thyroid gland is producing too little of an important metabolic hormone that determines how fat and energy are used.

Most hypothyroid dogs appear heavy and sluggish, and they often seek out warm places. Their coat may have lost its luster and thickness, and their skin may darken and be covered with dandruff.

A blood test is all it takes to determine whether your dog has enough thyroid hormone. If he doesn’t, your vet can prescribe an inexpensive daily supplement. And if you put the tiny pill in a favorite treat, like cheese or peanut butter, most dogs will be happy to remind you when it’s medicine time.