Kennel Cough Isn’t Always From the Kennel

By Susan Aiello • Published: October 1st, 2011
Category: Animal Airwaves

When your dog is sniffling and hacking, you may wonder if it’s kennel cough. The answer is … possibly.

Kennel cough can describe an infectious cough that develops in dogs from a bacteria named Bordatella bronchiseptica.

Kennel cough spreads rapidly at kennels, where dogs sometimes bark themselves hoarse. But your dog can also pick it up at a play date, dog park or any other place that pets congregate.

A vaccine against Bordetella can prevent kennel cough or lessen its severity.

Fortunately, most cases of kennel cough are mild and clear up in about ten days. Medications are sometimes used to calm the hack and fight bacterial infection.

So if your best friend is under the weather from kennel cough, try some TLC. And maybe a little chicken soup.