Puppy Check on Register Three!

By Susan Aiello • Published: October 1st, 2011
Category: Animal Airwaves

A scanner at the market can save you money by identifying discount prices. Far better than saving a few pennies, similar technology can save your lost pet.

In a process known as microchipping, a tiny bar code is implanted under your pet’s skin. Rather than telling you the price on frozen pizza, the bar code tells the local humane society who the lost pet belongs to.

A microchip provides permanent identification that, unlike a name tag, cannot be easily removed. Microchipping is also used to identify research animals and to trace livestock during disease outbreaks.

Although less than one-quarter of lost pets eventually make it home, up to three-quarters of those pets that are microchipped are reunited with their owners.

All pets should still wear ID tags, but microchipping adds an extra level of security if your special friend gets lost or stolen.