Marriage bad health habits

By • Published: November 16th, 2011
Category: Health in a Heartbeat

Getting married is considered one of the most memorable days of your life. And though you probably won’t be thinking of your health as you toss the bouquet, studies show wedded bliss does have a few hidden advantages beyond that fancy new ring on your finger. According to health experts, marriage promotes good physical and mental health and can be your ticket to living a longer life.

But new research says there is a bad side to marriage as well. A new study reports married couples in long-term relationships may pick up each other’s unhealthy habits.

University of Cincinnati researchers discovered after interviewing more than 100 traditional and nontraditional couples that there are three ways to promote bad health habits to a partner.

The first way is a direct influence. An individual’s bad health habits can encourage the other’s unhealthy ways. A good example is when the mister and missus both dine on the cheesy chips one of them bought.

The second way is through a synchronicity of unhealthy habits. Think of it this way. Say you really want to scarf that bag of cookies in the cabinet but are able to tell yourself no… until your partner mentions she had a hankering for the sweet treats, too. Your less-than-healthy wants collide and it’s bye-bye cookies.

Finally researchers say not being a good influence can also promote unhealthy habits. People who don’t promote and support their partners’ better habits reinforce bad behaviors.

But there is a bright side to passing on each other’s ways. Health experts say these unhealthy habits can serve as a bond to help the marriage stand the test of time.

So just remember, if you are thinking about tying the knot anytime soon, saying “I do” can be the best thing to happen to your health or possibly the worst. Only time will tell if your marriage turns out to be a fairytale or a battlefield.