When Disaster Strikes, Pet Survival Depends on Planning

By Susan Aiello • Published: December 1st, 2011
Category: Animal Airwaves

Natural disasters strike without much warning, so the key to pet survival is being prepared. Before the worst happens, identify pet-safe havens, such as kennels or pet-friendly motels, and keep their phone numbers in your emergency kit.

In addition to first-aid supplies and plenty of bottled water, your kit should also contain pet food and necessary medications. Tag all pets with contact info for you and your vet, and keep health records handy.

If possible, take along pet crates or carriers to provide shelter and reassurance for worried dogs and cats.

If you must leave your best friends behind, place them in an inside room with access to food and water. Window stickers let first responders know that pets are present.

Remember, if it’s not safe for people, it’s not safe for pets. So plan on protecting all family members, including the furry ones.