Proper Diabetic Care Can Be Sweet

By Susan Aiello • Published: December 1st, 2011
Category: Animal Airwaves

Some diseases are curable, others only manageable. Diabetes falls into the manageable category, because with proper care, pets can live normal lives.

In diabetes mellitus, the body does not make enough insulin to move glucose, or sugar, from the blood into the body’s cells.

Symptoms include hunger, thirst and frequent urination. Eventually, metabolic byproducts can build up to crisis levels in the blood. Treatment involves replacing insulin by giving daily injections, and monitoring glucose levels in the urine and occasionally blood.

Your veterinarian can teach you to give the injections, and how to help pet patients cope with the shots. A little change in routine helps, too. Regular exercise and diet are a must. So, while managing diabetes isn’t a bowl of cherries, adding years to your pet’s life can be sweet.