Retired canine corps earns spot in the sun

By Susan Aiello • Published: January 1st, 2012
Category: Animal Airwaves

We thank our men and women in uniform for their courageous service and support their transition to civilian life. But another group of military personnel also deserves credit.

Through World War II, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, the brave fighters of the canine corps risked their lives protecting others. Sadly, often their reward after years of selfless service was euthanasia. Fortunately, the Department of Defense is correcting this injustice and more military dogs are being adopted.

Some enter a working retirement, with service as a training or police dog. But many are adopted as faithful companions by their former handlers, families who have lost loved ones in combat or the general public.

The pension isn’t much, just room, board and a comfy sofa. But the warm hugs make up for it. These senior soldiers have earned their spot in the sun.