Mother nature gets help healing injured Florida wildlife

By Susan Aiello • Published: February 1st, 2012
Category: Animal Airwaves

The Sunshine State prides itself on the Panthers, the Dolphins, and other wild teams, with physicians and trainers ready to take care of any injured players. In the natural world, their injured namesakes are often left to the mercies of Mother Nature.

But over the years, a series of rescue centers have sprung up in South Florida to tend to everything from maimed manatees to sick squirrels.

The Miami Seaquarium in Key Biscayne treats up to 30 manatees and turtles each year. Seabirds can look for rehabilitation therapy at the Pelican Harbor Sea Bird Station, which takes in more than a thousand injured birds a year. Other places like Wildlife Rescue of Dade County and the South Florida Wildlife Center in Fort Lauderdale tend to thousands of injured animals across hundreds of species.

These home teams know what winning is really all about.