ADHD medications don’t increase heart problems in adults

By Sheryl Kay • Published: April 2nd, 2012
Category: Health in a Heartbeat

As the number of people diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder grows, so does the rate of those taking medications to help manage the disorder. In the United States alone, more than 4 million people are prescribed medications that will help alleviate symptoms like extreme restlessness and impulsive actions.

But those same remedies are stimulants that can also increase blood pressure and heart rate in people taking them. For years, health care professionals have been concerned about complications that could result from these side effects … and some studies suggested there might be an association between the medications and increased heart problems.

A study published earlier this year showed that this fear was not warranted for children and teens, and now new research shows the same for adults.

After painstaking analysis of almost half a million medical records, researchers found absolutely no evidence to support a correlation between the use of ADHD medication and heart troubles in adults.