Each pet blood donor saves four lives

By Susan Aiello • Published: May 1st, 2012
Category: Animal Airwaves

The old adage that blood donation is the gift of life holds true for both people and pets. Advances in veterinary medicine have spurred a need for donated blood that can be used to treat a variety of animal illnesses, from bleeding disorders to immune dysfunction. Each blood donation can be used to save about four lives.

An increasing number of animal hospitals are setting up donation programs, frequently offering donor incentives such as hospital credit and free blood work. Dogs have seven blood types, and about 40 percent of pooches are universal donors.

The best donors are large dogs and cats with a pleasant disposition that allows them to relax during the 20-minute donation process.

Just as when people donate blood, each visit ends with a tasty treat for the donor … and the satisfaction of knowing others will greatly benefit.