Streetwise cats

By • Published: May 30th, 2013
Category: Animal Airwaves

Feral cats are descendants of stray household pets. With little or no human contact, these feisty felines revert to wild behavior and form colonies to survive. Many are brought to shelters, where euthanasia was the traditional means of control.

But now trap-neuter-release programs are providing non-fatal alternatives for feral cat population control. One such program is Operation Catnip, a nonprofit organization in Alachua County, started in 1998 and still going strong. Humane traps are available to transport cats to the clinic where they are spayed or neutered and vaccinated, all free of charge, before being rereleased by their human guardians. Monthly clinics are run by volunteer veterinarians, veterinary technicians and private individuals.

If you know of a streetwise cat in need, call the clinic to schedule an appointment.