Talking trash

By Connie Orcutt • Published: May 1st, 2013
Category: Animal Airwaves

Up to 160 million tons of trash are discarded annually in the United States, and after leaving our hands, much of it creates deadly hazards for wildlife.

Food scraps can become spoiled or even toxic. Along with these leftovers, animals eat packaging that obstructs the digestive tract. A critter reaching into a container to nibble might be unable to remove its head and can suffocate, starve or overheat. And plastic six-pack rings can get caught around a muzzle or neck and prevent an animal from eating, drinking or defending itself.

But there are ways to help. Rinse containers and replace lids before discarding. If lids are gone, crush or cut up containers. Likewise, cut apart six-pack holders. Opt for products with minimal packaging, and return plastic bags to stores.

Talk trash to your family and friends too, and bring them onboard.