Hip and knee replacement lead to improved sex life

By Sheryl Kay • Published: June 20th, 2013
Category: Health in a Heartbeat

Ask a person who’s had joint problems how that knee or hip feels after surgery. If all’s gone well, their response will likely be pretty enthusiastic. Every step they take that once may have caused severe pain is now smooth and easy.

And there’s one other thing you might not hear from your friends and neighbors … but apparently research shows it’s true — things may have gotten a bit steamier in the bedroom, too. A new study shows that knee and hip surgery can also improve sexual relations for patients.

Investigators made this discovery after a yearlong study tracking about a hundred and fifty male and female patients before and after hip or knee replacement surgery. Their average age was 58.

Researchers found that before surgery, 67 percent of respondents reported having physical problems with sexual activity that included pain, reduced sex drive and an inability to attain the necessary position. Patients also had psychological issues, with 91 percent reporting a lack of well-being.

After the surgery, 84 percent of the patients experienced an improvement in their well-being, while 35 percent reported an increased duration of intercourse, 41 percent noted more frequent sex, and 42 percent said they had an improvement in their desire and interest.

Hip replacement patients fared even better, reporting a higher rate of general improvement than knee replacement patients. After hip surgery, more women reported satisfying sexual activity than their male counterparts.

Understanding how patients benefit from knee and hip surgeries also allows surgeons to continue to improve the procedures. And better procedures means better health and better quality of life for patients, both in and out of the bedroom.