Protect your pooch against parvo

By Connie Orcutt • Published: July 1st, 2013
Category: Animal Airwaves

Parvovirus is reportedly on the rise in some areas of the United States, so dog owners beware. As with any life-threatening infection, prevention is much easier than treatment.

Parvovirus causes vomiting, bloody diarrhea and fever. If left untreated, dogs soon become dehydrated and often die within 48 to 72 hours.

Parvovirus is very contagious and can thrive in the environment. It can even be passed to dogs from objects or a person’s contaminated hands or shoes.

The only treatment for parvovirus is intensive supportive care, and recovery is not guaranteed. That’s why the parvovirus vaccine is considered core, or essential. The vaccination series needs to be completed for your dog to be protected. In the meantime, keep your pooch away from unvaccinated dogs or contaminated areas. And don’t forget to keep boosters current.