Cell phone use signals brain dominance

By Shayna Brouker • Published: August 6th, 2013
Category: Health in a Heartbeat

Cell phones can tell a lot about a person. A stone age brick cell phone with an antenna implies the user is somewhat stuck in his or her ways, or is simply satisfied with simplicity. Someone chatting on the latest and greatest model with a hands-free device is probably a little more tech-savvy. Now, research reveals that even the way you hold your phone can uncover some interesting information about the way your brain operates.

The study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery asked more than 700 people which hand they favored for doing various tasks such as writing, throwing a ball and holding their cell phone. Ninety percent of those surveyed were right-handed, 68 percent of which used their right hand for activities. Southpaws also preferred their left hand at 72 percent. The data suggests a link between cell phone holding habits and brain dominance. Those who primarily use their right hand have left-brain dominance, and vice versa. These results can help doctors find out exactly where in the brain patients process language … and help them preserve their linguistic aptitude.

If cancer shows up on the user’s dominant side of the face, head and neck, it could also indicate an association between cell phone use and cancer. So far science hasn’t found a real link between the radiofrequency energy emitted by cell phones and brain tumors, but your phone could be harming your health in another way. Cell phones are manufactured with more than 40 toxic chemicals, including lead, mercury, cadmium and bromine, some more than others. Be sure to go for “green” phones that limit these chemicals. And instead of throwing away your old phone, recycle it at your local phone provider to keep chemicals from leaching into the environment.

The more science reveals about cell phones, the more implications a simple phone conversation can have.