Weight loss may lead to better sex

By Kelsey Meany • Published: February 20th, 2014
Category: Health in a Heartbeat

Women who lose weight after weight loss surgery may gain something a bit more satisfying in exchange: a better sex life, the perfect addition to the Valentine’s Day festivities this February.

According to research, after bariatric surgery women reported having better sexual satisfaction. Blood tests revealed the women had increased levels of sex hormones. The researchers think that weight loss may improve fertility, too.

One study author from the University of Pennsylvania said a lot of the change has to do with the physical and emotional shifts that can happen to women post-weight loss.

The researchers noted that with weight loss, the women also experienced an improved sense of self-esteem and were more comfortable with their body image.

The study involved 106 women with body mass indexes, or BMIs, of around 45 who went through bariatric surgery. A BMI of 40 or greater is considered obese.

Of the patients studied, 85 had gastric bypass surgery and 21 had a gastric banding procedure, which allowed them to lose weight … and ultimately improve their sex lives, too.

A second study on men, weight loss and sexuality is being prepared for publication next year

The researcher said men will also likely show improvements to their sex lives after the surgery, but physical complications may keep them from enjoying the same exact changes and increases in drive as women.

A healthy sex life has many added benefits. Studies show that sex can alleviate stress by releasing feel-good hormones and can aid in better sleep and a healthier immune system.

Sex can also burn anywhere from 85 to 250 calories. It’s no replacement for a workout, but it’s a little extra one that’s a bit more fun than the treadmill.