Sleeping makes you more attractive

By Nicole Zakrzewski • Published: February 24th, 2014
Category: Health in a Heartbeat

A good night’s rest can do more than reduce your drowsiness, it also may make you more attractive. A new study recently highlighted the science behind being a sleeping beauty.

A study by the University of Michigan Health System and the Michigan Technological University recently analyzed participants with sleep apnea patients who used a technique called continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP (SEE-PAP), to help them sleep better.

Sleep apnea is defined by breathing interruptions during sleep and snoring. People who suffer from it often struggle with chronic sleepiness. The condition affects millions of adults, who as a result run a higher risk of having daytime accidents and heart problems, and even becoming less attractive.

CPAP is a technique where patients wear a breathing mask to bed to help stop snoring, reduce blood pressure and improve daytime alertness.

For the study, the researchers used photogrammetry, a precise face-measuring system, and included 22 independent raters who looked at before and after photos of the sleep apnea patients. Raters ranked the photos’ attractiveness, alertness and youthfulness.

Two-thirds of the rates said the post-treatment photos looked more attractive.

This topic has never been studied before. Doctors got the idea when their sleep apnea patients would come to their follow-up visits after using CPAP. The patients often reported that they’d been getting compliments that they looked better.

Additionally, the photogrammetry technology showed that patients’ faces were less red and their foreheads were less puffy after CPAP treatment.

Whether you face sleep apnea or not, make sure you get enough shut-eye at night. Everyone needs their beauty sleep.