This saving grace was a team effort

By Connie Orcutt • Published: March 1st, 2014
Category: Animal Airwaves

In veterinary medicine, the road from injury to recovery isn’t always a straight one.

Take the story of Gracie, a horse who came to the University of Florida Large Animal Hospital because she was unable to bear weight on her leg. Gracie’s X-rays were normal, but a bone scan showed a shoulder fracture. Surgeons were unable to reach the fracture under layers of muscle, so instead they removed the piece of bone that had broken off.

After months of stall rest, Gracie was still very lame, this time from scar tissue at the fracture site. Over the next 8 months, Gracie underwent physical therapy at an equine sports medicine facility. Her regimen included work on the treadmill as well as various therapies, including laser therapy, to loosen her muscles.

Thanks to the dedication of her owner, veterinarians and physical therapists, Gracie is comfortably living in her pasture at home.