Sheltering pets from untruths

By Connie Orcutt • Published: December 15th, 2015
Category: Animal Airwaves

Over 7 million dogs and cats enter U.S. animal shelters each year, where they’re cared for until they’re adopted. But sadly, myths about shelter pets stop some folks from ever considering such adoptions.

According to one myth, all shelter pets are old. However, most shelters have pets ranging from kittens and puppies to seniors. Another myth claims that shelters only have pets with behavioral or health issues. The reality is that most shelter animals were once family pets. And remember — even animals from breeders need to be examined for health problems and trained to behave.

Finally, contrary to the myth that there aren’t any purebred animals in shelters, 25 percent of shelter pets in the U.S. are dogs and cats with pedigrees.

The fact is, if you’re looking for a buddy to love, you cannot improve on adopting a shelter pet.