Helping your pooch dodge prostate disease

By Connie Orcutt • Published: January 1st, 2016
Category: Animal Airwaves

Risks of certain diseases increase significantly as our pets age. One of these is prostate disease in male dogs. So what can you do to help dampen the danger in your pooch?

Unneutered dogs run the highest risk of developing prostate problems as the years pass. In contrast, having your furry friend neutered at a relatively young age shrinks the prostate, rendering it less likely to become enlarged and/or inflamed.

But no matter what your dog’s reproductive status, you still need to be aware of the tell-tale signs of prostate disease. Some of these include abnormal urination (including increased frequency), listlessness, constipation and a stiff gait accompanied by an arched back.

Certain prostate problems are treatable, so check out any abnormalities as soon as possible. It’s the least you can do for your pooch pal.