A question that’s tough to answer

By Connie Orcutt • Published: March 1st, 2016
Category: Animal Airwaves

When facing a tough decision about your pet’s health, you might be tempted to ask your veterinarian, “What would you do if this was your pet?” But don’t be surprised if it’s a tough question to answer.

If your pet were theirs, your veterinarian would likely have many emotions tied up in the decision — just like you do. He also might have made other health care decisions in the past so that the current situation would be different.

Then there are the tough questions that even veterinarians agonize over. For example, just because a major surgery can be performed to make your pet more comfortable in the short term, is it really in your buddy’s best interests? There’s no right answer. But your veterinarian should be willing to talk you through the ethical considerations and possible complications so you can make an informed decision.