Like a dog with a bone?

By Connie Orcutt • Published: January 1st, 2017
Category: Animal Airwaves

For many dogs, nothing says ‘treat’ like a bone. No wonder dogs and bones go together like bread and butter…or do they?

Large chunks of bone can block your dog’s throat, stomach or intestinal tract. And smaller sharper pieces that splinter off during gnawing can tear the lining of these organs. In most cases, surgery is the only option—if it’s possible at all. For some dogs, the damage is irreparable and fatal.

But chewing on bones helps keep a dog’s teeth clean, no? In fact, gnawing on hard bones can fracture or loosen teeth, causing some serious dental problems.

So do your canine companion a favor and discard bones left over from your own meals. That goes for raw bones too, which present additional risks involving bacterial contamination.

Instead, opt for goodies that won’t be perilous for your pooch.