Signs saving lives

By Connie Orcutt • Published: April 1st, 2017
Category: Animal Airwaves

When you’re not home, the safety of your pets might depend on the kindness of strangers. That’s when pet alerts can save the day.

Pet alert stickers on your home’s windows and doors tell firefighters that pets are inside. That’s crucial, because scared pets can hide and be left behind if nobody knows to search for them.

Wallet cards saying you have pets home alone serve a similar purpose. For example, if you’re injured while away from home, emergency personnel know you have pets in need. And if you’re incapacitated, having designated someone as a contact will ensure your pet’s care.

Finally, at home or away, have a pet emergency card containing life-saving contacts—like emergency veterinary clinics and poison control—right at your fingertips.

Each of these signs points to timely care for your pet.