Look what’s still plaguing us

By Connie Orcutt • Published: July 1st, 2017
Category: Animal Airwaves

If you thought plague was just a scourge of the past, not so. It still lurks in many countries worldwide — including right here at home.

Plague is a bacterial infection that spreads from rodents to animals and humans, usually through bites from infected fleas. Dogs and cats can also catch it by eating infected animals. In the United States, plague is most common in the Southwest, especially from May to October.

Signs of plague include fever, swollen glands, pain and exhaustion. If you notice these signs in your pet, check with your veterinarian ASAP. Meanwhile, don’t let your furry friend come in contact with sick or dead wildlife. In fact, when visiting areas known to have plague, keep pets inside or on a leash. And last — but definitely not least — maintain flea preventative for your pets and rodent control at home.