Small mammals fighting cancer

By Connie Orcutt • Published: August 1st, 2017
Category: Animal Airwaves

Every pet parent dreads hearing the ‘’C’’ word. But if you have a ferret, hedgehog or another small mammal, you might be especially doubtful that anything can be done for your wee one with cancer.

The truth is, virtually all cancer treatments used in dogs and cats have been used in small mammals, too. As with any pet, certain cancers are more treatable than others. For example, many tumors of the skin or reproductive tract can be surgically treated. On the other hand, oral tumors are often too aggressive to treat at all. And any tumor that’s spread is very difficult to manage.

If cancer is diagnosed or suspected in your small mammal, start by consulting an experienced exotics veterinarian. He or she will know what’s been tried successfully in animals like yours and can work with other specialists to plan a suitable treatment protocol.