Medals for canine courage

By Connie Orcutt • Published: January 1st, 2018
Category: Animal Airwaves

Recently, before a packed Capitol Hill audience, military officers bestowed the Medal of Courage on five heroes. That they were canine heroes didn’t surprise anyone.

These valiant dogs honored represent the hundreds of dogs protecting our soldiers in combat. For example, Ranger searched out IEDs in Afghanistan and Iraq. Similarly, during three tours in Afghanistan, Coffee located bombs while not losing a single soldier under her watch. Alfie completed two tours in Afghanistan, locating IEDs and other weapons before coming home to join the Canine Explosives Detection Program. Another explosives dog, Capa, protected 26 thousand service members in Iraq. And Gabe, originally a shelter puppy, completed over 210 combat missions in Iraq before coming home to advocate for other shelter animals.

So, hats off to a soldier’s best friends…and then some.