Learning to avoid leptospirosis

By Connie Orcutt • Published: February 1st, 2018
Category: Animal Airwaves

Cases of leptospirosis [lept-δ-spah-RŌ-sis] are cropping up all over the country. This potentially fatal bacterial infection could affect you or your pooch, so listen up.

Leptospira [Lept-δ-SPĪ-rah] bacteria thrive in soil and water, and they’re passed in urine from an infected animal. Leptospirosis used to be a problem just in wet, warm locales. It was much more common in rural versus urban areas. But nowadays, city dogs are as likely to be infected as their country cousins.

Leptospirosis usually hits the kidneys hardest, and without intensive care, it can result in deadly renal failure.

But you can minimize the risk of infection. First, get your dog vaccinated. Then keep your pooch away from ponds, rivers and wetlands. Also, keep your distance from wildlife, farm animals and rodents.

Leptospira may be lurking, but neither you nor your pooch have to fall prey.