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Animal Airwaves is a daily radio series that features one-minute segments relating to animal health. Each module focuses on different topic of interests to the owners of animals of all types, ranging from consumer tips offering insights into animal behavior, to veterinary patient care breakthroughs and trends. A production of the UF College of Veterinary Medicine, HSC communications staff and WUFT-FM in Gainesville, Animal Airwaves appears three times each day in the local public radio coverage area.

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Audio Why cats are MIA at the clinic

May 1, 2016 • By Connie Orcutt

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadCats have become the most popular pet in America, with 86 million feline family members representing. So how come only half of them saw a veterinarian last year? While 20 percent of dogs missed checkups in 2015, a whopping 45 percent of cats did the same. Why the big […]

Audio Passing the test

May 1, 2016 • By Connie Orcutt

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadIn step with human medicine, many veterinarians now recommend at-home blood sugar monitoring for their diabetic patients. It’s more accurate than urine testing and allows owners to dose insulin more precisely on the spot. Unlike in-clinic testing, which can stress your pet and drive blood sugar up, at-home tests […]

Audio Fishing for enrichment

May 1, 2016 • By Connie Orcutt

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadWhen you keep fish at home, you commit to creating a world that provides all their needs — including mental ones. There’s little doubt that fish, like other creatures, are stressed by monotony. First, know your fishes’ needs. For example, fish that naturally live on reefs feel safest near […]

Audio AA Live: “Cancer in Pets: What Pet Owners Should Know”

Apr 30, 2016 • By Speaker: Dr. Sarah Boston

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadPets get cancer, just like people do. Fortunately, diagnostic tools and treatment technology just keep getting better. If your pet has received a cancer diagnosis, you may have many options available to you for treatment, but decision making can still be difficult and emotional. On tomorrow’s Animal Airwaves-Live, Dr. […]

Audio AA Live: “Poisonous Plant Awareness for Large and Small Animals”

Apr 23, 2016 • By Speaker: Dr. Chris Martyniuk

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadPlant life, including ornamental bushes and shrubbery, is ubiquitous throughout the country. While plants play an important role in the ecosystem and can be a beautiful arrangement in someone’s garden, some species can prove toxic to animals who ingest their leaves, seeds or stems. Dr. Chris Martyniuk, a toxicologist, […]

Audio AA Live: “Neonatal and Pediatric Emergency Care of Dogs and Cats”

Apr 16, 2016 • By Speaker: Dr. Ashley Allen

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadNewborn or very young kittens and puppies can be challenging to treat when facing a medical emergency. Everything from body chemistry to anatomy in tiny pets differs from their older counterparts, so special care is needed in how they are handled every step of the way, from diagnostics to […]

Audio AA LIVE: Veterinary Medical School Admissions

Apr 2, 2016 • By Speaker: Dr. Pam Ginn and Alex Avelino

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadMany steps are involved in veterinary medical school admissions these days, from curriculum requirements to hands-on experience and a demonstrated understanding of what the veterinary medical profession is all about.  On this show, Dr. Pam Ginn, director of admissions for the UF College of Veterinary Medicine, and pre-veterinary advisor […]

Audio The sobering facts about fat pets

Apr 1, 2016 • By Connie Orcutt

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadThe facts don’t lie: over 50 percent of dogs and nearly 60 percent of cats are chubby or downright obese. And the numbers keep climbing. Not coincidentally, over 90 percent of us don’t see our little porkers as tipping the scales. But this is serious business. Last year, compared […]

Audio Lifting the smokescreen from pets

Apr 1, 2016 • By Connie Orcutt

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadThere’s lots of buzz these days about the dangers of second and thirdhand smoke. In case you didn’t know, thirdhand smoke refers to nicotine and other chemicals left on surfaces. But as bad as passive smoking is for humans who live with a smoker, it’s even worse for pets. […]

Audio Guinea pigs with room to move

Apr 1, 2016 • By Connie Orcutt

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadGuinea pig youngsters are easily dwarfed by their cages. But before you know it, they double in size and don’t have room to take laps. So what’s a piggy parent to do? Adult guinea pigs need a cage with at least seven square feet of running space. Problem is, […]

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