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Video A school’s scholastic success can keep kids from drugs, alcohol

Mar 31, 2011 • By

In building a culture where even the most underprivileged students can achieve academic success, schools may be able to inadvertently stymie another problem: drug and alcohol use. While studying 61 inner-city middle schools in Chicago, University of Florida researchers found that students in schools that performed better than expected were less likely to use drugs […]

Video Vibration helps reduce pain in chronic sufferers, UF researchers find

Mar 22, 2011 • By

Rubbing or massaging is often an instinctive response to pain. Now researchers have found that another kind of touch, vibration, can also help reduce certain types of pain by more than 40 percent. The researchers are encouraged by the prospect that vibration therapies could bring pill-free pain relief to chronic sufferers. “The vibration truly represents […]

Video UF study: College students often miss mark when reporting ‘normal’ hearing

Mar 15, 2011 • By

Some college students who think they have normal hearing may actually be overestimating their abilities. In a University of Florida study of college students who believed they had normal hearing, one-quarter did not have normal hearing sensitivity. It was an unexpected discovery made during the early stages of another study. UF researchers at the College […]

Video UF cardiologists study gene-modified stem cells to help Dobermans

Mar 4, 2011 • By

Stem cell injections may help Dobermans live longer.

Video Gym equipment unlikely source of MRSA

Mar 3, 2011 • By

A sweat-drenched treadmill seems a likely haven for germs to set up housekeeping, including the dangerous antibiotic-resistant bug MRSA. This is one of the reasons why most fitness centers sanitize equipment and supply members with antibacterial wipes. But these aggressive cleaning policies may not actually be necessary to prevent the spread of community-acquired form of […]

Video Potential new drug treats blood disorders by halting overproduction of blood cells

Feb 24, 2011 • By

Like a switch stuck in the on position, the bone marrow can churn out blood cells that bloat internal organs and clog blood vessels, leading to life-threatening disease. Now University of Florida scientists have discovered a potential new drug that can throw the switch on the runaway blood cell-production mechanism. The drug shrinks cell-gorged organs […]

Video $1 million from ‘Tyler’s Hope’ helps UF tackle disabling brain disorder

Feb 21, 2011 • By

With the help of $1 million from Tyler’s Hope for a Dystonia Cure Inc., a new research center is being established and a leading scientist has joined the University of Florida to confront a disease that has disabled a half million Americans. Yuqing Li, Ph.D., whose research has already played a part in current clinical […]

Video Patient privacy should be respected abroad and online

Feb 14, 2011 • By

Taking an unauthorized photo of a patient and posting it on Facebook is a giant no-no for health-care providers, who follow strict federal guidelines protecting patient privacy. But what if the patient is a little girl in Ecuador receiving a vaccine from an American medical student, who’s in the country on a medical outreach trip? […]

Video UF researchers find surgical breast biopsies overused in Florida

Feb 10, 2011 • By

Thousands of women receive unnecessary surgical breast biopsies in Florida each year, University of Florida researchers state in an article published online this week by the American Journal of Surgery. These surgeries carry greater health risks and are more expensive than a less invasive, equally effective procedure called a needle biopsy. “Open surgical biopsy is […]

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